Outsourcing: Desktop Support and Business Functions

Why outsource business functions?

There are many reasons why a company may choose to outsource a particular function of their business. Most managers have the end-result-in-mind that they are going to save time and/or money. Other reasons include:

  • Resource Shortages Relieved by Outsourcing
  • Outsourcing Provides the Ability to Concentrate On the Core Business
  • Outsourcing Yields Cost Savings
  • Outsourcing Provides Flexibility
  • Reduce Overhead Costs through Outsourcing

The prices of labor and/or materials keep increasing and competition keeps forcing prices lower. If there is an outsourcing solution that can save your company money and overcomes the disadvantages of outsourcing, these areas should be investigated.

Seasonal or cyclical demands that ebb-and-flow put varying demands on the resources of the company. An outsourcing contract could provide the flexibility needed to stabilize these varying demands.

Some functions require a large outlay of money just to get started. This expenditure could be avoided by contracting with a third party.

Outsourced Service Desk / Support

  • Unlimited Desk-side support
  • Unlimited Remote assistance and Helpdesk services
  • Proactive Server management and Network management
  • PC & Laptop installations
  • Service Management - Your service manager will meet you when required, discuss any issues or future needs and ensure the day to day service we are providing is running smoothly

Messaging & Collaboration

Atmospace is the premier provider of business communications services, including hosted Microsoft Exchange, to small- and mid-sized businesses.

For an affordable monthly fee, customers can get business email (hosted Exchange 2010 and hosted Exchange 2007), smartphones (mobility through BlackBerry hosting and ActiveSync), instant messaging (Office Communications Server 2007) and other communications (such as Spams topper, email security, business web hosting, SharePoint and more) delivered as a service with 24x7 support.